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What's on this page? What you need to know to get started in VO!

How to get started in Voice-Over. Great help here from voice pro A. Smith Harrison!
How To Get Into Voice-Overs

::FRIENDLY ADVICE I THINK YOU SHOULD HEAR: Introducing yourself to an agent is the final step, not the first. Don't tell them you have always been told that you have a good voice for VO, and expect them to lead you toward your discovery based on that alone. That's not enough. YOU HAVE TO STUDY ACTING and VOICE-OVER...STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! Contact the agent only after you have put in all the work to get yourself completely trained, nationally competitive, and ready to record your own auditions from home as the most bookable VO talent possible. Remember they are adding you to a roster of very talented, trained people and you will have to be a strong VO Actor in order to compete.

Classes and Coaches and Demo Producers

Diane Cardea. Voice assessment, Coaching and Demo Production. Contact:

Deborah Richards - Voice Over Coach and Demo Reel Producer 770-330-2166

September Day Carter - 6 week cycle for beginner's to intermediate. Classes are Thursdays from 7-8:30PM at our new studio, Big Red Couch Productions at 800 Forrest Street Atlanta, GA 30318. First class is $50 and all the rest are $30. The classes will continually cycle. PH: (404) 488-4199

Bob Carter Carter Game
View his website for info on his cycle of VO workouts. Or PH: 678.561.4843

Atlanta Voice Over Studio: Heidi Rew and Mike Stoudt. Atlanta Voiceover Studio

Brian Bremer: Coaching. PH: (678) 237-5073

Eileen Kimble
Classes, Coaching, and Demos
PH: 404-210-3631

Creative Studios of Atlanta
Audition taping services
One on one coaching/demos
Practical Audition Preparation with Tom Thon
Voice Over workouts with Bob Carter on Tuesdays
Voice Over workouts with Bob Carter on Wednesdays

Sound Advice
Voiceover from an Audio Engineer's Perspective, by Dan Friedman.
He's written this book to give you a sound engineer's perspective on your career as a voiceover talent.

Help with home microphone and studio set up
Luke Truan
Voice Over. Audio Production. Training.
Phone: (404) 944-9808
Web: |

Mike Shelter
Vision Quest
He can do everything from recommended resources to full blown studios.

Good Microphone resources

Great mic to google: (Look for the places that sell it for approx. $59)
"CAD GXL2200 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone"

Good Home Studio resource and more

Photographic Reproduction:
The Pixel Pusher